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Here are some songs and poems created by me and others from York

Copyright is given to all authors here forth. All names and info shall be presented with his/her work(s).


My lifeis a mix of complexities.
My lifehas a small amount of purities.
My lifeis a freakin complexity!
Death shadows over me.
The blood on my hands keeps on thickening.
People glance at me and find me sickening.
Love wraps tightly around me.
Shortly afterwards it sheds with agony.
It turns me upside down,
Making me grow a frown.

I find the will to fight,
My weakness is my purity.
My hatred and my tyranny,
Keep me alive.
My sword flies up and down,
Slicing my enemy.
My one sanity__,
Is that special she____.
I am loosing my mind.
Hangin onto the cliffs of insanity.

Here I am,
Walkin this path.
This twisted path of,
My own wrath.
Walkin towards the glimpse of light.
In the light I see
In the light I seethe calm silent face of she___.

My hands,
Hold a sword stained with blood.
It reminds me of my victims screams.
Their agony,
Pierces my sanity_________.
My lifeIs a mix of complexities.
My lifeHas a small amount of purities.
My__ life.
My life.
All I wanted was,
A simple special she.

Here I am,
Walkin this path.
This twisted path of
My own wrath.

What am I thinking?
I must be blind.
The way I want to be is far behind_.

Written By Mike Talladen Copyright 2001

Last Updated May 31 by Arthur Piotrowski