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2gether quotes

"Mickey P. got one hoe, and one hoe only, and thats Mickey P, foo!".~Mickey

"If theres going to be 5 guys.... It should be 5gether. I don't know about you guys but I'm calling myself somethin different."~Chad

"Everyone's always talking about QT's problems, but I was up on that stage trapped in that fat guy's suit literally suffocating to death. And even while I was rolling around, I was still... I was still trying to contribute to the group by making as many laser noises as humanly possible."~Chad

"I love him always, I love him like a brother."~Chad

"Guys i'm not sleeping with Mickey tonight, that dude drools."~Chad
"Mickey don't drool fool!"~Mickey

"I'm in the band, whose in the band?,Mickey in the band!"~Mickey

"Don't make me get off this bike. I said don't make me get off this bike! Alright,that's it, I'm getting off the bike!"~Mickey

"You guys, interviews are very important. QT, what's your favorite color?"~Mr. Buss
"NO!"~Mr. Buss
"Mr. Buss, I'll change my favorite color"~QT
"QT's new favorite color...."~Mr.Buss
"Robin's Egg Blue"~QT
"You best back up bitch! Robins Egg Blue is My color hoe!"~Mickey

"I have this dream that I don't tell many people about and that's to own a ski doo. And I'm gonna get one too because I plan to make a butt load of money with this."~Chad
"How much is a butt load?"~Doug
"A thousand dollars. I base this on the fact that one time, I fit 5 dollars up my butt. And well not to brag or nothin....but I think that I could fit way more up there. Way more. Easy."~Chad

"To Many Girls.... So Little Time"~QT

"I dont think it was right for him to make fun of the Darth Vader costumes like that. Its offensive to all of the families who have been killed by Darth Vader. Peoples whose human rights have been affected all these years."~Chad

"I guess now QT's like Michael, and the rest of us are like Jermane and
Tito. But I have this theory that Jermane was way more important in the Jackson 5 because. Who invented the moon walk? Jermain! Who sang thriller? Jermane. Who married Lisa Marie? It was Jermane!" ~Chad

", no, Do Not yell at him and do not use that kind of language..."~Chad
"What in the h is going on here?"~Doug
"All my friends are fighting you have to help! (Lisa, Paul, not now!) Delia started it!"~Chad
"Whose Delia?"~Doug
"My lamp! She told Steve and Elisabeth about Carol and now nobodys coming to the concert!"~Chad
"Steve! and his second wife Elisabeth! Okay, here. CAROL. Carol is Steve's high school sweetheart. She hasn't left the house in years (divorce)."~Chad
"Wait a minute, wait a min, wait a min.....just stop! Aiight? said she's single?"~Doug

"Oh QT....Your the best looking member of 2gether!!!"~QT

"Hi I'm your brother Chad"~Chad

"Wait up guys, I gotta go find some chicks!!"~QT

"I liked being locked up in that room.. but I wish there were girls and there werent enough sleeping bags, so me and a girl would have to share one.... and for some reason, she thought I had chiggers, so she had to check me all over... ALL OVER"~QT

"Uhn't uh, Mickey P doesn't dress like no star spangled Elvis!"~Mickey

"Mickey P's gots to do what Mickey P's gots to dos"~Mickey

"Bilory Thrombosis"~QT

"Blue. Its been blue, ever since before QT was born."~Jerry

"I was in a heavy metal band. We called ourselves Pegasus, but we couldnt afford any instruments, so we had to sing our songs acapella."~Doug

"I had braces when i was fourteen, but I could always use them again"~Doug

"I like the yellow one!!!!!!!!!!"~Chad

"Do we lipsync?"~Chad

"(When Whoa comes in) Look, look guys its you! its you! (lifts up his tshirt)"~Chad

"And that Gwenth Paltrow picture? Ick. I do not look like her, maybe an Emma, maybe"~Erin

"What I want you to do for the commerical is to ride the Ski-Doo across the water, wind in your face, having a blast."~Nigel
"These go in water??!?!~Chad

"I thought it was you asking my ask you! You said Chad do you like your brother, and I said I like him sometimes..."~Chad

"Look at you,you ain't no gangster! You're all Mr. 2% milk, Mr. khaki pants,Mr. touched by an angel...get out my face!"~Mickey

"Chill out man, Im talking to the camera."~Mickey

"What are you drwaing man? Jerry! You man you gotta make me look better than that.Jerry! Come here fool, look what hes drawing bout me man, Jerry you see what hes painting bout me man? Come over here Jerry here look at this, you crazy!"~Mickey

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