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Adam Rauglas's Personal Quote Book


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Adam's personal Quotes from York High

"Leave the door open, I wanna watch!" Mr. Kern
" I think he's getting a flea bath." Art piotrowski
"We must be brothers from another mother." Jason Ryan
"Fondle your own stuff!" Pia Bartolai
"Take the penquin!" Billy McFarland
"We talked about menstruation." Kern
"Abercommie" Kern
"I had nothing to do with thisâ¦I have no clue." Colleen Sawosko
"Keith, wait up a minute." Jason Ryan
"You make me angry freshmen!" Adam Rauglas
"We're holding tribal council!" Jason Ryan
"You don't even know what I'm talking about." Colleen Sawosko
"Oh, I've got a quarter!" Kern
"And the lord said RISE UP!!" Kern
"Ah cheese and Crackers!" Kern
"I can't watch my eyes, they're in my damn head!" Adam Rauglas
"On a scale from 1 to Blanchfieldâ¦" Jason Ryan
"I'm just kidding!" Jenny Laramie
"The first step to failure is trying!" Jason Ryan
"No it wasn't, he's a flamer!" Garret Gross
"Pencil sharpener boy!" Art Piotrowski
"She ripped the baby's head off." Kern
"This is by CBS." Kern
"I'm a peace loving guy, I love people in pieces." Sievers
"I like to tickle my ivory." Tony Lopez
"But you said it had to be quick!" Steph Brasie.
"I want it lengthy!" Steph Brasie
"This is gay!" Jenny Laramie
"You've been going to school with me sense kindergarten!" Maggie
"Water is wet and aguarific!" Jason Ryan
"He's an odd one!" Eric Paulini
"They're hug!" Big Willie
"Peek a boo, we fly planes into you!" Art Piotroswki
"Hitler lied, Russians died." Adam Rauglas
"They do car washes for the homeless." Sievers
"Are you calling the mother ship again?" Sievers
"Shit in a box with a ribbon on it!" Agnes Lutow
"I made a boat for you!" Jason Ryan
"I'm going to sink your boat!" Mr. U
"Go fuck a duck!" Eric Paulini
"It's wood and everything." Jason Ryan
"It looks like a big snow cone!" Adam Rauglas
"The busy proton!" unknown
"Some idiot put other!" Art Piotroski
"Mellow" Dave Salgado
"If they're stoned they're singing mellow yellow. If they're drunk
throwing up mellow yellow." Dave Salgado.
"Yes Ma'am, sir!" Kern
"He's funny!" Kern
"Dawn of a new tittie!" Tony Lopez
"Of a distance titite!" Tony Lopez
"That's because she wants to suck his dick!" Tony Lopez
"Ya, people I only like!" Susie Walter
"I just want a strait answer!" Sub.
"Hello pretty girls! Would you like to have sex?" Tony Lopez
"Stealth tactics!" Adam Manta
"I can't get it off!" Jacque Nagle
"Where getting rid of the old ways! It's to much like communisum!"
Jason Ryan
"No no no God no!" Jenny Laramie
"Thinking leads to getting in trouble!" Jason Ryan
"That's the second dable table!" Adam Rauglas
"Shit-poop" Dave Salgado
"Wow! You have a hard head!" Pia Barolai
"I'm never going to speak again in this class!" The freshmen
"Answer not in back of book!" Joe Tomasso
"Use an asphalt detail!" Dan The Man Linsenamann
"Flutist suck!" Tony Lopez
"My name is Temp, Temp Primo." Tony Lopez
"Who cares!" Tony Lopez
"You'll get nothing and like it!" Kern
"So is she 12 now?" Shelly P.
"I'm just trying to get into the quote book!" Kern
"Hug nots? Oh ohhhh ohhhhh!" Adam Rauglas
"Is he retarded?" Jackie Klimczak
"I don't care what you think!" Matt Richards
"And now there's going to be two!" Jason Ryan
"So E comes with a TV?" Art Piotrowski
"I'll kill you slave!" Art Piotrowski
"Funny retard." Mike Corry
"Why am I wearing this Plastic Suit? Because there's seniors in the
I already go hit with a pie in the face!." Kern

"Huguenots-never in space"
"Black Death-note black"
"War of the Roses-where they pink?"
"Galileo-fun to say!"
"Heliocentric-sun burns earth!"
"Sir Isaac Newton-ever seen Dean Newton?"
"Scientific Method-not scientific."
"Three Estates-houses."
"Estates General-owns houses."
"Universal manhood suffrage-pee-wee Herman."
"Underlying Causes of WWI-Monkeys"
"Tank-box that moves."
"Blitz-football fun!"
"Auschwitz-Camp David." Art Piotrowski

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Jan who?"
"Exactly!!" Art Piotrowski/Kern

Copyright June 5 2001 By Adam Rauglas

Last Updated June 5 2001 By Arthur Piotrowski